Florida Bulk is a Trader and Distributor of industrial fruit ingredients including juices, concentrates, purees, pieces, and by-products.

Florida Bulk maintains inventory in Central Florida. Our inventory consists of over 100 items with a total value in excess of one million dollars. We want to have what you need on hand.

Founded in 1989, the company maintains close working relationships with many fruit processors here in Florida, throughout the United States and around the world.

Our foundation is the Florida Citrus Industry. We can supply any of the products and arrange any of the services the Florida Citrus Industry can offer to the market place.

Florida Bulk is a Trading Company importing and exporting fruit ingredients. We serve the Industrial Food and Beverage Industry throughout the United States and in several foreign markets.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Our experienced staff can help your procurement program with spot and contract supplies. And, if you need a special service performed concerning blending, packaging, shipping, exporting or storage, let's discuss it.

Feel free to check out the site to see the many ways we make life easy for our clients, or just call us and our staff will be glad to personally help you on the phone.
(863) 668-9000.

Drop us a quick note:

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